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Coastal Kenpo
and Martial Arts
Welcome!  If you'd like to find out more about us and our programs and what we have to offer, please choose the best option for you.
"Mr. Nick" Dreiling
Chief Instructor​
​​4th Degree Kenpo Black Belt
1st Degree Jujitsu Black Belt
Level 3 Certification in FCS Kali
Nearly 30 years in the Martial Arts
Firearms Training
Weapon Retention Training
Pesonal Development Speaker
Confidence - Respect - Self-Control - Perseverance - Integrity - ​​​Leadership - ​Goal-Setting - ​​Focus - Self-Discipline - Responsibility​ - Work Ethic
After School Karate -
a safe and constructive alternative
So,you're interested  in finding your family a Martial Arts and Fitness home away from home. Good thing you've found us! We've put together a sharp-dressed Martial Arts studio just outside of Charleston in beautiful Goose Creek, SC. With practicality and the utmost safety in mind for our students and members, our studio will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is training with high quality equipment and talented, experienced instructors and trainers guiding you to to reach your goals not just in the Martial Arts, but in your every day life as well!!
105 Auto Supply Drive, Goose Creek, SC
Our Headquarters

Our 5000 square foot facility houses two training floors and all the necessary equipment for success in Martial Arts training. We are located just off highway 52 and Hollywood blvd. on Auto Supply Drive. Less than 20 minutes from Charleston, Summerville, Ladson, Hanahan, North Charleston and Moncks Corner, our studio is close to everywhere!  Since we're centrally located, we're not more that 20 minutes from most areas of town.  In fact, we have several members who drive 30 minutes to get to us three times a week!  We must be doing something right!

Below, you'll find some basic information about each of our programs and our schedule.  As you can see, we have several class times available for you and your family.  We like our students to stick with one particular day/time so we can control class size and instructor ratios.  This ensures that our students will have the best experience and the best learning curve.
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We are for Everyone...

Between the talent we have partnered with and the leaders we have helped to cultivate from the ground up, our staff is amazing! Our Martial Arts coaches and leaders are top notch role-models who work diligently to lead by example to all of our aspiring Martial Artists. The Physical Fitness trainers we've partnered with are experts at what they do and have the certifications and the client testimonials to prove it. We have clients from all walks of life: male/female, children/adults, young and young at heart... even really really old people.  =)  

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our students and their family members are saying:
Our Core Values and Principles




What we stand for  are the same core values you work to instill in yourself and your family.  We work diligently to lead our students by example by reaffirming on a daily basis, these core values and more.  We have "mat chats" with the kids and integrate life's lessons in everything we do, drawing from examples in our daily lives that we can utilize our Black Belt Excellence mentality.

If you feel these values are important and would like to surround yourself and your family with other who feel the same way, call us today to set up your first trial lesson.
I began my Martial Arts training at age 7 in 1985.  After achieving my Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate at age 16, I began assisting my instructors in Columbia, SC.  

In 2005, I moved to the Charleston area and saw the need for a good American Kenpo School.  Shortly thereafter, I began teaching in Goose Creek with the Recreation commission.

My family and I do what we can to live as good examples to others in our daily lives through our Christian Faith. Though our Karate School does not operate as a "Christian Martial Arts School," we do what we can to deliver the values and principles to others (regardless of their faith and place in life) that we feel have affected us in positive ways in our own lives. Our school is a judgement free zone where everyone has an opportunity to strive for success through hard work and diligent effort.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. I look forward to meeting you soon!

I used to think that Karate wasn't for girls, but now that I've been training at Coastal Kenpo Karate, I realize that they really do cater to all ages and sexes.  I'm learning some great self-defense  and am getting into better shape at the same time!
     -Sarah D.
Nick Dreiling​​​​ and Family
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Now that you've gotten to know us a little better, please choose a program you'd like to hear more about...
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Afterschool Karate with Transportation
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Afterschool Karate with Transportation
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